Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
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Certified Professional in Erosion
and Sediment Control™

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CPESC Certification Procedures and Standards

Article I. - Certified Professional Status

Section 2. Application Procedure

Interested individuals should follow the steps below to apply to become a CPESC.

  1. Receive and review CPESC Application Forms. Forms are available from CPESC web site (www.cpesc.org), CPESC representatives, trades show displays, etc.
  2. Assemble the following materials:
    • Application fee - see Article II, Section 3 (check made out to EnviroCert International, Inc.)
    • Application for CPESC certification
    • Background Info, Special Needs, Education and Accreditations
    • Professional Experience Profile for each job (that is, employment position) that you wish to report erosion and sediment control experiences (make additional copies as needed from original)*
    • References - provide contact information for four (4) references.
    • College transcripts (if any)
    • Additional documentation (such as, resume/vitae or government SF171)

      * Professional experience must detail pertinent work experience. Copies of relevant consulting reports, publications, manuscripts, and other significant professional activities may also be submitted. All materials received by the application review committee will be kept confidential. The experience materials must demonstrate competence in erosion and sedimentation control principles and methods and knowledge of federal and state/provincial laws relating to storm water quality.

      It is imperative that prospective references are fully qualified to provide information about your skills and experience in erosion and sediment control. References should include individuals such as licensed or certified professionals in a related field of practice. These individuals may be peers or clients but no more than two should be coworkers.

      Please let your references know that you are using them as a reference and that they may be contacted.

  3. Send all application materials from Step 2 to:
    EnviroCert International, Inc.
    49 State Street
    Marion, NC 28752